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1925Yukio Mishima is born in Tokyo, Japan.Passage of the Peace Preservation Act in Japan. This law gave the japanese police widespread power in curbing dissent.
1926The emperor Yoshihito dies of ill health. His son Hirohito becomes the new emperor.
1931Japan begins military aggression in Manchuria
1932The Japanese military sets up a puppet government in Manchuria called Manchukuo.
1936Japan signs the Anti-Comitern pact with Germany.
1937Sino-Japanese War begins
1938Publishes his first novel in his school newspaper. The Japanese army has occupied much of northern China.
1941His short story "The Forest in Full Bloom" is published. Soviet-Japanese nonaggression pact signed in April.
Japan attacks Pearl Harbor in December.
1944Mishima enters Tokyo Imperial University.Publishes his
first collection of short stories.
1945Japan surrenders to the United States on board the ship "USS Missouri ending the Second World War. General Douglas MacArthur accepted the terms of surrender from the Japanese representives. The American occupation of Japan begins.

Yukio Mishima and Post-War Japan

1946Mishima brings two essays to the writer Yasnuri Kawabata.
He later becomes Kawabata's protege.
1949The novel "Confessions of a Mask" is published in Japan.
1950The novel "Thirst for Love" is published.
1952The American occupation of Japan ends. Japan's sovereignity as an independent nation is restored.
1954The novel "The Sound of the Waves" is published.
1956The novel "The Temple of the Golden Pavillon" is published.
1957A collection of plays called "Five Modern No Plays" is published.
1959A collection of plays called "Five Modern No Plays" is published. The novel "Confessions of a Mask" is first published in english in the United States.
1960The novel "After the Banquet" is published.
1963The novel "The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea" is published.
1964Mishima begins to write "The Sea of Fertility Novels".
1966The collection of short stories "Death in Midsummer" is published.
1969Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature.
The prize was awarded to Yasnuri Kawabata instead.
1970Mishima commits ritual suicide (seppuku) after a political protest.
1972"Spring Snow" the first book of the Sea of Fertility series is published.
1973"Runaway Horses" and "Temple of Dawn" the second and third books of the Sea of Fertility series are published.
1974"Decay of the Angel" the fourth book of the Sea of Fertility is published.
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