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Novels by Mishima adapted for film

Several of Yukio Mishima's works have been made into movies. Below is a partial list of some of these works.

In addition to being a novelist, Mishima was also a playwright and an actor. From 1953-1963 he was associated with the Bungakuza, Japan's most prestgious theater company. He acted in some of the plays that he wrote as well as appearing in films.

He began acting in films in 1960 when he appeared in a gangster film entitled "A Dry Fellow". Shortly before his death he acted the lead role in a filmed version of his short story "Patriotism" in which he played the part of the army officer who commits seppuku rather than join a plot of conspirators.

Other filmmakers have been drawn to the work of Yukio Mishima, most notably Kon Ichikawa who based his film "Enjo" on Mishima's best-selling novel "The Temple of the Golden Pavillon".

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