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Writers from Japan

Below is a listing of writers from Japan.

About Japan

According to Japanese legend, the empire of Japan was founded in 660 BC by the Emperor Jimmu,but earliest records of a united Japan date back to 1660 BC. China influenced the development of Japanese society in its earliest years. Buddhism was introduced into the country in the 6th century.

Untill 1192 A.D. , Japan was a feudal system run by several powerful aristocratic families and their samurai warriors. Later, from 1192 to 1867 the country was run by a series of shoguns (military dictators) , until the govrnment was recovered by the emperor Meiji in 1868.

After the Second World War, on May 3 1947, Japan adopted a new constitution. In this document Japan agreed to :

On April 28 1952, Japan's sovereignty as an independent nation was restored.

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