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Starting with the publication of "Confessions of a Mask" in 1949, Yukio Mishima never ceased to be the subject of controversy among the Japanese literary establishment. Beginning in1960 Mishima's right wing views started to become slowly noticeable in his writings, but it wasn't until 1966 when he published "Voices of the Heroic Dead" that the true extent of Mishima's attitudes first became clearly noticeable.

Yukio Mishima's writings have always contained a rich source of biographical information not easily found in books written about him. Mishima's autobiographical novel "Confessions of a Mask" contains many instances drawn directly from his own life, but it is the tone of the story that is most revealing about the author. His book length essay "Sun and Steel" was considered a minor work when it first appeared, but Mishima's ultimate desire to become a "man of action" and die "a hero's death" is written on every page of the book.

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