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War in the Pacific::1936 - 1945

In 1937 Mishima returned home to live with his parents after having spent most of his life up to that point living with his grandmother Natsu. It was during this time that Mishima began to see for the first time just how unhappy his parents were. Mishima's father, Azusa, was a strict parent whose behavior in matters of discipline bordered on the tyrannical and he had a particularl dislike for his son's bookishness. In 1938, Mishima's father was promoted to the director of the Bureau of Fisheries and the family agreed that he would travel to Osaka alone to take over his new position. From that time until he retired, Azusa would be home two or three days a month and those times would turbulent in the family household. When he was away, Mishima, his siblings and his mother would live very happily together.

In April of 1937 Mishima entered the seventh grade where he later joined a literary club and began writing poetry. The following December Mishima had his first collection of poems published in the group's biannual journal.

In 1943 Mishima entered Tokyo Imperial University where he studied law. While a student there, he published his first collection of short stories, the first printing of which sold out in one week.

In 1944, Mishima had his first major work "The Forest in Full Bloom" published in Tokyo. He then adopted the pen name of "Yukio Mishima" to hide his age. "Yukio" comes from the word yuki, which is Japanese for snow and Mishima is a town which known for its view of the snowy peaks of Mt. Fuji.To have a book published in the last year of the war was considered a great achievement for any Japanese writer, since because of a paper shortage many books weren't being published. The publisher printed 4000 copies for the first edition of the book. It sold out in one week.